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Underwater Photographs Of Northern Lights Reflected Beneath Russia’s White Sea

by George Karbus


In Photos: Zoo captivity around the world

Zoos are one of the more ethically dodgy areas for conservationists and animal lovers. On the one hand, there are many zoos doing amazing work, acting as the last refuge and hope for critically endangered species, and as a place of education and engagement for people learning about wildlife and the need for conservation around the globe. They care about their animals and do everything possible to provide enriching and healthy enclosures. And yet, there are also many, many zoos that act solely as a business to make money at the expense of caged animals, and put little if any effort into making an enclosure a comfortable or even safe place for that animal to be.

Lacombe tells me, “These images were taken on five continents, in nine countries, including the USA and Canada. Many people often assume that photos like this cannot come from North America, but about half of them are. In fact I’ve seen some of the worst animal habitats in the USA and Canada. So I prefer not to identify where the images are from, but rather let people understand that this is a problem, wherever you are located.”






Fellow Prisoners: A day at Sea World

This is really really good for a one day shoot. It make me wonder how much he’d get if he visited SeaWorld for a week? 

The time lapse with the polar bear absolutely ripped my soul into pieces.

The part with the polar bear took me back to when I was a kid and saw a polar bear at the zoo pacing back and forth just like the one in the video.
Even when I returned to see the polar bear later that day before we left the zoo it was still pacing back and forth :( 

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Alive Without Breath; Three Dimensional Animals Painted in Layers of Resin by Keng Lye

Via Colossal art and visual culture

 see more Alive Without Breath on deviantART. (via ian brooks)

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